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MilwaukeeMerch is an online community website, kind of like an online mall, where you can host your own web store and sell print on demand apparel. But this way we handle all the orders on our end.

The way it works is, you give us your logo, some verbiage and then we create a shop on

Then you can pick some items from our print on demand catalog that you would like to carry with your brand / designs.

In the catalog you will see pricing that is associated with the cost of managing the site, cost of apparel, printing and shipping out the items to your customers.

Whatever retail value you set, we will cut the cost of each item you sell and send you a report and a check of your profits at the end of each month. So you never have to worry about getting an invoice and having to pay it later. Instead we just pay you. This is a great way to sell your apparel without any upfront costs. 

Now if you already have a website set up, you can always add a SHOP NOW button and it can go directly to your MilwaukeeMerch store.

For more information please contact us.                                    

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